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Waveland Property Services, LLC strives to aid property owners with their real estate investment goals! We specialize in filling single-family properties with quality, trouble-free tenants. We do so at such a reasonable rate, compared to our competitors, that many property owners thank us for making property management a financial possibility.

We do everything better, and we still strive, everyday, to improve our service

- Here are Some Examples of What Makes Us Your Best Choice -

We look forward to talking to you about your management needs.

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Wayne Kiest
Broker In Charge
Waveland Property Services
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Rehabbing Units
Prepping walls to move-in condition

repaint walls, trim, & materials

Waveland: $795
We have special sprayers & expertise that allow us to get walls looking brand new with half the paint and half the labor.
Quicker turnaround time = less vacancy time
Heating & Cooling
A/C not cooling - low on refrigerant- recharge

Service call + 1hr ($130) + 2lbs R-22 (@ $40 per lb)

Waveland: $105
Service Call ($75) + 2lbs R-22 (@$15 per lb)

We quickly tired from "make it up as you go pricing" with outside HVAC professionals. So, multiple of our staff are experienced and certified HVAC professionals. Waveland can then control prices which benefits our clients.

Waveland's Vs. Other's Fees

*Tenant Locating*

Otherscharge 1-month rent
ex. $1300 monthly rent = $1300 fee

Waveland: $495 flat fee
ex. $1300 monthly rent = $495
(filled again for free if vacant in less than 12mo)

*Monthly Management*

Others11% of rent collected
ex. $1300 monthly rent = $143.00

Waveland: 8% of rent collected
ex. $1300 monthly rent = $104.00

12 month difference in fees:  $468

AND....we will provide better service!

It's Who you Know

We can fill houses quickly because of the relationships we have worked hard to make over the years.  When you trust Waveland with your property, this is what you get:

  • Staff dedicated to fully marketing your home in multiple ads, directional's posted on all roads in your radius, flyers at nearby large employers, and showings anytime of day
  • 140 local Human Resource Department Heads & staff receive our monthly emails & mailings of available vacancies
  • 700+ local Realtors are offered referrals for bring their well-qualified clients to fill our vacancies
  • 25+ nationwide relocation companies know we will provide their clients the service & the well maintained home they desire, and thus provide us great tenants